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Laminaria and potato salad
1900 AMD
Spicy beef and sweet pea salad with green onions
4400 AMD
Vegetable salad
Cabbage Salad with spices
2100 AMD
“Green Dragon” salad
2300 AMD
Soy Salad with luminaria
2750 AMD
Fyn-Se rice noodles with chicken slices
2300 AMD
Hong Kong style salad
3300 AMD
Green Fyn-Se with luminaria
2600 AMD
“Pig’s Ears” salad (black and white mushrooms)
2800 AMD
Freshly-pickled cucumber with spices
2300 AMD
Soy bean sprout salad
2350 AMD
Green Fyn-Se with mustard and cucumber
2500 AMD
Tomato and cucumber salad
2100 AMD
Red and white cabbage spicy salad with sesame seeds
3200 AMD
Three-colored salad
6400 AMD
Chuka Salad
2850 AMD
“Fusion of Earth and Water” salad
1950 AMD