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Stewed dumplings
Fried rice with three kinds of meat
Chinese bread
Fried rice with veal
Homemade fresh noodles with vegetables
3000 AMD
Fried rice with shrimp
Homemade fresh noodles with meat
3500 AMD
Fried rice with eggs
Fried rice with green onion
1650 AMD
“Old Beijing” rice (ham, shrimp, green onion and eggs)
3900 AMD
Stewed rice
1300 AMD
Fried noodles with pork
Fried rice with chicken in curry sauce
Fried noodles with veal
Fried rice with chicken
Fried noodles with chicken
Fried rice with vegetables
Fried noodles with vegetables
Fried dumplings
Fried noodles with Fyn-Se rice noodles, pork and vegetables
3400 AMD
Noodles with shrimp in sweet, sour and spicy sauce
6900 AMD