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Pork with vegetables
3450 AMD
Sliced pork with green onion
Pork with bamboo shoots and Syangu flavored mushrooms
Ma-La pork
Sizzling pork
5900 AMD
Uygur style pork with barberry in bamboo
6800 AMD
Roasted spicy pork on fire
Pork with black mushrooms in sweet, sour and spicy sauce
5400 AMD
Pork with black mushrooms
4450 AMD
Caucasus style roasted pork ribs with potatoes
4300 AMD
Compao pork with peanuts
4400 AMD
Gu Lao pork with pineapple
5300 AMD
Roasted pork ribs in soy sauce
Pork with Ko-Ba chinese dry rice
5900 AMD
Pork with shrimp in bamboo
6900 AMD
Savory pork with sesame seeds
4300 AMD
Pork slices in sweet, sour and spicy sauce
4400 AMD
Roasted pork with eggplant in soy sauce
Pork with champignon
Pork with potato in soy sauce