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Tiger prawn with trout fillet and ginseng on the Ship of Fortune
Shrimp with champignon in bamboo
Black tiger prawn with cashew nuts on fire
Tiger prawn with broccoli on fire
Seafood cocktail on the on fire
19000 AMD
Shrimp with vegetables
8700 AMD
Shrimp crackers
1500 AMD
Vasabi shrimp
9800 AMD
Compao squid with peanuts
Compao shrimp with peanuts
11000 AMD
Roasted frog’s legs in Kyan-So sweet and spicy sauce
18000 AMD
Royal prawn on fire
Salmon slices with black mushrooms in bamboo
Sizzling shrimp
Sizzling filleted salmon with bamboo shoots
Shrimp with Ko-Ba chinese dry rice
13000 AMD
Compao salmon with peanuts
Fried squid
Royal shrimp on fire
Sizzling squid
13000 AMD
Sizzling frog’s legs
18000 AMD
Тiger prawn tempura
12000 AMD
Frog’s legs with black mashrooms
13500 AMD
Roasted crispy tiger prawn
15000 AMD
Chinese style crispy frog’s legs
15000 AMD
Baked fish
9200 AMD
Sizzling fish fillet
7850 AMD
Tiger prawn with curry in sweet, sour and spicy sauce
18000 AMD
Roasted spicy tiger prawn on fire
18000 AMD
Steamed fish
Roasted shrimp with corn
Sizzling tiger prawn with cashew nuts
Roasted shrimp in bamboo
9800 AMD
Sizzling trout fillet
5900 AMD
Sizzling roasted tiger prawn
18000 AMD
Fish in sweet and sour sauce
5400 AMD
Shrimp with cashew nuts
Fish in soy sauce
Roasted nephrite prawn in in sweet, sour and spicy sauce
16000 AMD
Crispy fish
5900 AMD
Uygur style sizzling tiger prawn with barberry
16000 AMD
Uygur style trout fillet with sesame on fire
7500 AMD
Fish with vegetables
5150 AMD